DaBaby Tried To Defend His Gross Megan Thee Stallion Lyrics: ‘Don’t Turn The Women’s Empowerment Sh*T On Me’

Perhaps DaBaby isn’t quite as “blackballed” as he says he is, since he’s still getting radio interviews to address the tasteless, controversy-baiting lyrics on his new album, Baby On Baby 2. Appearing on Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning show, he defended his assertion that he had sex with Megan Thee Stallion on the song “Boogeyman,” as well as the questionable timing of the track’s release as Meg prepares to go trial against Tory Lanez for allegedly shooting her in the foot.

He said, The song been done, for real, for real, damn near going on a year. And when I say something, it’s gonna go out. It is what it is. Like I say a long time ago, keep me out the business.”

Uhhh… He put… himself… in…

Sorry, my brain short circuited from transcribing that. He continued, “It’s a song that’s out right now – n****s can take it how they wanna take it. I ain’t tripping, it’s a song that’s out. You wish I’d have left it off? Ain’t nothing to feel weird about. It ain’t happen to you.”

In DaBaby’s mind, he’s actaully the one responding to Meg, who he says already made comments confirming their liasion and argued, “I don’t even wanna stir all this sh*t up. But I’m gonna respond to what she said. Anybody that can read between the lines, the sh*t was really already said. Don’t turn the women’s empowerment sh*t on me because what you got going on with buddy. You know why you upset with me being on a ni**a song – you know why. You and me know why. You, me and a few other people, they know why, but I kept it player, ain’t say sh*t about it.”

Sir, anybody who has ever spent any time around a player knows that this is the exact opposite of keeping it player. This is Chatty Patty behavior. This is high school second-string cornerback talk. This is gossip, folk. And the worst part is, it didn’t even work. Baby On Baby 2 was a critical and commercial dud, and DaBaby is apparently having trouble selling tickets to his shows, not because he’s blackballed, but because he’s too hardheaded to recognize that he blew up his own career and has it in his power to fix it, with a little work and patience. Clearly, he’d rather double down on nonsense and try to ride the coattails of a tragic controversy.

You can watch DaBaby’s full interview with Ebro above.