Dave Chappelle Was ‘Just Joking’ About Busta Rhymes Beating Up His Attacker

Dave Chappelle would like to make one thing clear: Busta Rhymes was not the one who folded Isaiah Lee like a pretzel backstage after Lee tackled him during his show at the Hollywood Bowl on Wednesday. Reaching out to TMZ via his publicist Carla Sims, Dave insisted that his statements in the immediate aftermath of the attack were just jokes.

After shrugging off Lee’s initial tackle, Chappelle had returned to the stage — along with Jamie Foxx, and later, Chris Rock — to address the bizarre incident, saying, “I been doing this 35 years, I just stomped a n**** backstage,” joked. “I seen Busta Rhymes, he was like, ‘That’s how you do it, god.’” He claimed that Foxx and even fellow comedian Jon Stewart jumped in.

But perhaps worried that any legal counsel Lee pursued could use the statements as evidence in a civil case against the comedian and his security, he made sure to point out that none of the entertainers he mentioned had laid a finger on Lee. Considering his state as he was loaded into an ambulance later, they probably didn’t even need to.

Meanwhile, Chappelle has been joking about the situation ever since, as well as revealing Lee’s reason for accosting him in the first place (sorry, 50 Cent, it had nothing to do with Chappelle’s trans comments). As for Lee, he’s been charged with four misdemeanors, so hopefully, he feels it was worth both the pain — again, did you guys see his ARM!?!? — and potential jail time for the attention his attack got for his displaced grandmother and/or struggling rap career.