Denzel Curry Shares His Honest And Unfiltered Opinion About ‘Certified Lover Boy’ And ‘Donda’

Two of 2021’s biggest selling albums were Drake’s Certified Lover Boy and Kanye West’s Donda. The former was the Toronto rap star’s chart-topper full-length release since 2020’s Dark Lane Demo Tapes and one that gave him another No. 1 single with “Way 2 Sexy.” On the flip side, Kanye’s Donda gave him his tenth solo No. 1 album and two Grammy wins for “Hurricane” with The Weeknd and “Jail” with Jay-Z. Despite the accolades that the albums received, Certified Lover Boy and Donda were not the most critically acclaimed bodies of work in 2021. In a recent post on Twitter, Denzel Curry, who recently called himself the “best rapper alive,” gave his honest opinion about the albums.

“Donda and CLB could’ve been better,” Curry wrote. “Yall n****s rich and got the greatest musicians at your disposal.” He continued in second post, adding, “The artwork for both projects were booty.” Unsurprisingly enough, some fans objected to Curry’s with one saying in part, “Donda and CLB washes anything this n**** has ever dropped.” Curry promptly replied, “D*cccccck Eataaaaah.”

Curry would eventually move on from the conversation, but not without sharing one last thought. “There’s people that don’t even listen to my music but agree with what I’m saying so let’s get it,” he wrote. “I’m a real one f*ck wit me.”

You can view Curry’s tweets above.