Did Kanye Fire A Yeezy Employee For Playing Drake Music?

At least a dozen former Yeezy staffers have made startling accusations against Kanye West, describing the company’s atmosphere as “intimidating and humiliating,” so much to the point, you could be abruptly fired for anything, even playing Drake music.

The former Yeezy employees told Rolling Stone that while the company was a “creative haven,” there were times when it felt like a cult that thrived on “chaos.”

“Everyone’s always on the verge of losing their job, so the dynamics are total chaos,” one employee who worked for Yeezy in 2020 told RS. “He doesn’t necessarily have people that he can trust around him.”

Along with working 12 to 15 hours days at West’s Calabasas office, the workers allege there were recurring delays when it came to receiving payment. Some of the former employees even claim there was a dress code they had to adhere to, complete with Yeezy-esque gear. One staffer told RS that after turning up to work with a Yellow sweater, they said they were told they needed to “dress for the palette or you dress in black.”

But one of the most shocking allegations comes from one former Yeezy employee who said there was an incident that occurred where West was asked to change the music — of course, he only plays his own music — and when the worker, who leaned more punk and rock than hip-hop, nervously replied with Drake they were fired the next day.

“I thought, ‘Oh, he’s a rapper, I should probably mention some rap,” the former staffer told RS. “Big mistake — the next day, I was fired,” the former staffer claims.

Along with a toxic and abusive work environment, there have also been allegations that West was interested in Nazism. The “Stronger” rapper has yet to respond to these allegations, but I’m not sure if anyone cares at this point.