Did Mac DeMarco Give The TikTok-Beloved ‘Garbage Funk’ An Official Release?

Mac DeMarco dropped a new album, One Wayne G, which includes 199 songs of previously-unreleased material. According to Pitchfork, it includes mostly takes made between 2018 to now, but fans had been waiting and dying to hear it.

However, many on Reddit had been waiting for one in particular, dubbed “Garbage Funk,” which has now been renamed “20190724” in DeMarco’s large-scale album drop.

“A f*cking dream come true, for years I’ve wanted to hear what the whole thing actually sounded like,” one commenter said. “Gosh it is so wonderful to have a full version. Have loved this rift for years,” another added.

As the story goes, DeMarco had hinted at the song’s existence during a feature he did a few years ago for PBS NewsHour. Filmed at a computer in his garage, he selects one of the files. “I like this,” he tells the crew as he jams along to the jazzy tune. “Just garbage, but fun to make.” Many other users on TikTok have since shared this section of the video.

“Sounds like this could be a Super Mario Bros World,” the other person in the video replies, to which DeMarco agrees. His screen also shows a bunch of other MP3s on iTunes.

He then plays something else called “Hippie Rip” to show everyone a glimpse of the things he works on at his home studio.

Check out Mac DeMarco’s newly-released “Garbage Funk” aka “20190724” above.