Diddy Loses His Cool At The Club In The ‘Gotta Move On’ Video With Bryson Tiller

Last month, Diddy made his return as an artist with a groovy heartbreak anthem, “Gotta Move On” featuring Bryson Tiller. The single is presumably from an upcoming Diddy album, which will be released on his recently-launched R&B-focused Love Records imprint, which will mark his first solo album since Press Play in 2006 — although he did follow up with a mixtape in 2015 titled Money Making Mitch. Today, Diddy and Tiller released the video for “Gotta Move On,” which features a cameo from comedian Tiffany Haddish and a very Diddy scene of the music mogul losing his cool in a nightclub restroom.

The Teyana Taylor (aka Spike Tey)-directed video opens as so many clips from the genre’s early 2000s heyday did: with a pointless celebrity cameo outside a nightclub the artists are planning to enter. Haddish plays either a bouncer or a promoter who greets Diddy and Bryson’s party as they enter, then is never seen again once they do. Once inside, one woman, in particular, draws Diddy’s attention and from their interactions, she’s meant to be an old flame. His attempts to rekindle their attachment spark an argument instead, sending Diddy to the bathroom to cool off. There, he does the opposite, demolishing the room the way he did his office in 2017 before composing himself and returning to the dance.

You can watch the video for “Gotta Move On” up top.