DJ Danifox drops video for grime-inflected batida heater 'Na Palmeira'

Taken from his recent EP, ​Quem è o Palhaço, which translates as ‘Who Is The Clown’.

Back in February LA label Point Records released Quem è o Palhaço, a new EP from batida producer DJ Danifox. ‘Na Palmeira’ is a particular highlight and sees the producer twisting chilly grime synths around a shuffling beat.

Danifox himself stars in the track’s accompanying video, in which he enjoys a late-night pizza while exploring an eerily quiet city.

Quem è o Palhaço is out now.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, artists need our support more than ever. You can support DJ Danifox by buying his music at Bandcamp.

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