Don Modus and Iz Sosa’s “East 2 West” Sets The Hip Hop Scene Ablaze

Don Modus and Iz Sosa collaborate to create “East 2 West,” a track that encapsulates their personal experiences and perspectives. The Brooklyn native highlights the importance of making smart decisions and following through on his goals while acknowledging his tendencies. The song also delves into the fulfillment of living out his dreams and the sense of belonging he’s discovered through his Modus Gang.

Speaking of the new single, Don Modus admits that he wanted to “convey a fast rhythm with a laidback energy.” The rapper explains: “So this is the first track I’m dropping that’s part of my new rollout. I haven’t released music in about a year so I wanted to come out with a splash. The biggest way to do that was to do a collaboration between the two coasts.”

Elaborating on the music video, Don Modus reveals that it was “a change of pace” for him. “Most of the time we’ll have plans and shoots scheduled. This time everything was done on the fly. I picked up Sosa and the camera guys in the Tesla and we just cruised around Southern California,” says the Hip Hop artist.

He adds: “The model x that I was in had a feature called “Merry X-mas” that would make the lights flash and doors swing open. You can’t hear it in the video, but it also blasts Christmas music on full volume. It’s pretty entertaining, I would recommend looking it up. Overall, I wanted to capture the California vibe which is why we got palm trees and the ocean.”

“East 2 West” is for all the true hip-hop heads out there who appreciate raw honesty and originality.  This track hits hard with its dynamic beats and deeply personal lyrics that leave a lasting impression. Don Modus and Iz Sosa keep it real and drop some truth bombs in this single that’s guaranteed to get you vibing!

Watch the official music video for “East 2 West” here:

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