Don’t Believe The Hype (Sticker)

On one hand, it was a game-recognise-game moment when Devin The Dude got top billin’ on the hype sticker for Jacka’s Tear Gas CD. On the other hand, it was shameful that Cellski got shafted for sticker-space when he was behind the boards and the microphone for the album’s arguable best single. Damn, homie – Cellski made Streets Of Frisco but he still got knocked out the box for Planet Asia.

Young Cellski aka 2 Took – Streets Of Frisco
(From Inner City Life EP; 1992)

So, Jacka songs from 2007/2008 you wish he’d put on Tear Gas? I got these 5 on it:

The Jacka – Heavy Rain (2007)
The Jacka – Aspen (2007)
The Jacka – Rule The World (2007)
The Jacka – Wake Ya Game Up (2008)
The Jacka – African Warrior (2008)