Drake Seemingly Responds To Pusha T’s Claim That He Was Banned From Canada

It’s pretty clear at this point that Drake and Pusha T have no interest in settling their longtime. Tensions have been high between the rappers for years now, but the peak of their beef can back in 2018 when Pusha shared the news about Drake’s first child, Adonis, before Drake himself had a chance to announce it. The rappers have thrown subs at each other on various tracks, but in the latest development between the two, Pusha claimed that he’s been banned from Canada during a recent appearance on Drink Champs.

“I’m banned from Canada,” he said during the interview. “I can’t get back over there. I ain’t allowed to go back over there.” He added, “I went to my show [and] it was rowdy people at the show. I didn’t even get to the song. It got rowdy and I got on my way. It was cool.” The show Pusha is referring to is his 2018 Toronto concert that resulted in fans throwing drinks at him as he performed. However, Drake and his longtime OVO associate Chubbs seem to view things differently as an Instagram post from the latter reveals.

Drake 2022 come on over comment
Screenshot from HipHopDX

“We Don’t Ban N*ggaz We Welcome Them With Open Arms,” Chubbs captioned a picture of him and Drake walking with an entourage of other people. Unsurprisingly enough, Drake caught wind of the post and chimed in with his own message. “Come on over,” Drake wrote with a laughing emoji.

This comes after Drake seemingly threw some shots at Pusha T in his guest verse on Jack Harlow’s “Churchill Downs.” On it, he raps, “But I gotta get a n**** back for that, it’s non-negotiable / It’s not even debatable,” which appears to be in response to Pusha’s “The Story Of Adidon.” Drake throws more shots with lines like, “All I hear is plug talk comin’ from middleman / All I hear is tall tales comin’ from little men,” and, “Daytonas with the green faces,” on the track as well.

You can view Pusha T’s Drink Champs episode as well as Drake and Chubbs’ comments in the posts above.