Draymond Green And Charles Barkley Got Into It Over Chuck Saying The Warriors Are ‘Cooked’


Charles Barkley and Draymond Green are two guys who have a lot of opinions on things. During Sunday night’s NBA All-Star Game, this led to some pretty sensational television, as the Inside the NBA guys have their own broadcast on the evening and had Green on as part of their coverage — Green, of course, has a contract with Turner and is expected to join the Inside team whenever his playing career comes to an end.

In the aftermath of Green pressing Ja Morant on his belief that the Memphis Grizzlies are “fine in the West,” things got a little tense between Green and Barkley over a prediction that Barkley made that the Golden State Warriors are “cooked.”

“That’s crazy,” Green said. “You said that last year, but we all know you don’t know what you talkin’ about.”

Barkley said this was false, to which Green accused him of saying this every year. Kenny Smith decided to prod, and asked Barkley why he thinks this is the case, to which Barkley said their younger players haven’t stepped up the way that he expected coming into the year, while the veteran players are getting older. He then said that Steph Curry is “starting to break down,” which really got Green upset.

“He’s starting to break down? He got hit in the knee and hurt his knee!” Green said. “He didn’t just get hurt. He also got his arm snatched back, they’re contact injuries. Thank God he don’t look like you in Houston.”

They didn’t keep this up, but our hunch is Chuck and Draymond could have argued at this for hours.