Draymond Green Got Ejected For Stomping Domantas Sabonis After Sabonis Grabbed His Leg


After a thriller in the opener, Game 2 of the Warriors-Kings series was more of the same as the two teams once again found themselves locked in a tight game in the fourth quarter. With Sacramento up four, Draymond Green and Domantas Sabonis got tangled up for what felt like the 100th time on the night, as the Kings All-Star big man grabbed Green’s leg while Draymond stepped over him. Green responded by stomping on Sabonis, who stayed down on the floor for some time.

It was a wild scene, and after a lengthy review during which Green egged on the Sacramento crowd and got into it with some fans behind the bench, the officials handed out punishment to both players.

Green was ejected for a Flagrant 2 for the stomp, which was unsurprising and deserved, while Sabonis was rightfully given a technical for instigating the altercation by grabbing Green’s foot.

Both players had spent much of the game trying to bait each other into fouls, crashing into one another and flopping to the ground throughout the first three quarters. As such, it wasn’t all that surprising to see them end up going too far, with Green forcing the Warriors to play the final seven minutes without him.