Draymond Green Got Into It With Pelicans Players On Back-To-Back Plays But Avoided Getting Ejected


Draymond Green is a pretty passionate basketball player. While he insists that he only gets technical fouls when he wants them, the second quarter of Tuesday night’s game between the Golden State Warriors and the New Orleans Pelicans really put that theory to the test.

With just under four minutes left in the half, Brandon Ingram got the ball in transition and Green decided to stop him from getting the easy bucket by shoulder checking him for a foul. Ingram wasn’t happy about this, so he confronted Green and the two were immediately broken up. But still, it was determined that both Ingram and Green got a technical foul, which … did not sit especially well with Golden State’s veteran forward.

While he was able to avoid getting a second tech, Green was also hit with a flagrant foul. Ok, fine, let’s get back to the game, where things almost boiled over just seconds later, as Green went up for a layup, Herb Jones drew a charge, both guys hit the deck, and there were a lot of feet flying all over the place while the two got up. Once again, the two were separated, while Green was awfully fired up over the whole thing.

Perhaps Green wanted to get T’d up here because things were going poorly for the Warriors. But that did not happen, so he was able to remain in the game — and, perhaps more importantly, avoid getting suspended for his 18th tech on the season.