Earthgang’s ‘Bobby Boucher’ Video Is Adam Sandler-Approved, And They Didn’t Even Have To Open Up A Can Of Whoop-Ass To Secure It

The water sucks in the 1998’s film The Waterboy universe, but Earthgang’s present-day witty bars sure don’t. In fact, their latest video, for the single “Bobby Boucher,” just earned the Adam Sandler seal of approval, and they didn’t even have to open a can of whoop-ass to secure it.

The video, which Seales directed, brought the actor’s beloved movie back to life. Seales squeezed in the story’s most memorable moments in under four minutes, including a beer pong showdown, a high stake football game, and an overbearing mother.

Earthgang’s tribute to The Waterboy extended beyond its video. Their love for the film was also present in the song’s chorus as they rapped, “Luck be my lady, I’m up a couple thousand / Playin’ roulette like Bobby Boucher / Wa-wa-water on a Tuesday for all this D’Ussé / I surely feel like I’m drunk / I probably drink the Kool-Aid, that sh*t be packin’ a punch / It’s like a jab to the face, I’m probably not gettin’ enough.”

Earthgang devotes countless hours to producing over-the-top videos, as witness the ones for past songs like “Billi” and “Amen.” But for “Bobby Boucher,” their approach was much sharper, as they pulled from a fellow entertainer’s work.

Flattered by the creative nod, Sandler took to Twitter to return the love. “Yo, Earthgang! Singing along with you! Love, Bobby B,” tweeted the comedian.

WowGr8 of the group screenshot the compliment, then reposted it to their personal Instagram page, writing, “Holy sh*t. Holy sh*t. Holy sh*t. This is one of the best things that could happen for this video! EarthGang’s ‘Bobby Boucher’ video is out now! I can’t believe Adam Sandler saw this! I studied him intently for the treatment and execution of this video.”

Watch the full video above.