Echoes of the Soul: YBZ Vandr’s ‘Circles In My Head

YBZ Vandr ’s “Circles In My Head” is the latest offering from Chicago’s own. Known for his vibrant yet thoughtful music, this single is a testament to his fervent ambition and broad appeal. The song touches on the theme of life’s unpredictability, urging listeners to have faith in their journey. Influenced by artists like Juice WRLD and Iann Dior, Vandr’s aim is to resonate with those who find comfort in contemporary music’s depth. 

The track navigates the realms of deep self-examination. Its pre-chorus, “Seen too much that I can’t even comprehend,” hints at complex, overwhelming experiences, leading to feelings of being lost in one’s thoughts, as echoed in “I’ve been doing circles in my head.” This theme of endless contemplation emphasizes Vandr’s sense of isolation and his struggle with the external world. 

The chorus sees  YBZ Vandr confronting his inner turmoil, depicting a quest to shed past burdens and embrace a new direction. The repeated use of images like being “a ghost for the day” and “waiting on a lake for the waves” symbolizes a state of waiting, poised for transformation. 

“Circles In My Head” adds depth to YBZ Vandr’s discography, which includes notable songs like “On The Run,” “Gone Forever,” and “One Step Away.”  His music is a reflection of his life and perspectives, aiming to forge a deep emotional connection with his audience through metaphorical and narrative lyricism.

Listen to “Circles In My Head” here: