Ed Sheeran Spilled About How Eminem Sparked His And Elton John’s X-Rated Gift Competition

Ed Sheeran has been making the news lately. Not for his songs, but instead for some… wild gifts he gives out to fellow celebrities. Specifically, during a recent appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Sheeran explained why exactly he felt inclined to buy Elton John a giant marble statue of a penis. In a wild twist, it actually started with a gift that a famous rapper bought for Elton John years ago, before Sheeran turned it into an X-rated gifting competition.

“He is very proud of the fact that Eminem bought him and his husband, David, diamond-encrusted c*ck rings for their wedding,” Sheeran said. “Whenever I’m around there, they’re like, ‘Check it out. Aren’t these cool?’ I’m like, ‘I need to one-up this. I need to get Elton a present that’s gonna make him go [gasp].”

For John’s birthday, Sheeran bought him a “floppy, droopy thing” — which he picked after… apparently deciding between several different statue versions. John loved the gift. However, after the news of Sheeran’s gift was put out into the world, other people started wanting similar presents.

Musician Sam Smith was the second person to receive one of Sheeran’s dick statue presents. “It’s actually wild – I thought it was a joke, but it’s a six-foot-two marble penis,” Smith said on The Kelly Clarkson Show earlier this week. “It’s two tons, and I’m going to have to get it craned into my house.”

After Smith revealed his story, Clarkson was intrigued and mentioned wanting one of her own. So, a potential third statue from Sheeran might be starting a tradition for his favorite fellow musicians getting in on the action.

Later in the interview, Sheeran also gives fans some extra details about his upcoming Mathematics tour.

Watch the full video of Sheeran’s appearance on The Late Show above.

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