Electronic Warfare

Cybotron – Clear
(From Clear single; 1983)

Yeah, Juan Atkin’s Cybotron is cool but have you ever heard Martin Slavin’s Cybermen theme from 1960s Doctor Who? True story: it was #actually a piece of stock music called Space Adventures Part 2 which Doctor Who‘s producers at the BBC licenced throughout the late 1960s to soundtrack the Cybermen in scenes like this. Imagine hearing some crazy space shit that don’t make no sense like this as a kid in 1966 or 1967! To paraphrase Juelz Santana, this shit sound like it’s from another galaxy. The BBC stayed terrifying children on multiple levels, not all of them noncey.

Martin Slavin – Space Adventures Part 2
(From various Doctor Who episodes; 1966 onwards)

Martin Slavin had 60’s electronic shit more John Blaze than Karlheinz Stockhausen and ain’t shit recognised by blokes who read The Wire magazine.