Erykah Badu Says That Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS Panties Are ‘So Comfy’ That She Accidentally Peed Through Them

It’s safe to say that Erykah Badu is quite the eccentric woman as she’s proven on multiple occasions. One example came a few years ago when she launched her now-infamous panty perfume. Yes, the legendary neo-soul singer launched Badu Pussy perfume at the start of 2020, which was created by allegedly burning pairs of her underwear. Eccentric right? She even gifted Rihanna with a bottle of the perfume at the end of last year during the Savage X Fenty fashion show. Now in 2022, Badu had quite the unique experience with a different product, this one being Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS panties.

In a tweet she shared on Thursday, Badu wrote, “Just peed thru my @skims panties cause [I] forgot I was wearing any . No cap. So comfy . Y’all tell Kim. Do I have a law suit ! Lol.” This may not be something that most people share on social media, but when you’re as free as Erykah Badu is, you do whatever you want. After a few hours, Kim caught wind of the and offered a lighthearted as well as a compliment. “It’s actually the biggest customer complaint J/K LOL I got you Queen [white heart, goat, and crown emojis], Kim wrote. “I’m sending you fresh new @skims ASAP!!!”

Would you look at that? Honesty and a compliment get you a new pair of SKIMS panties, at least when you’re Erykah Badu that is.

You can view the interaction between Erykah and Kim in the posts above.