Even Debbie Harry Herself Seems Impressed By Jensen Ackles’ ‘Epic’ Blondie Cover On ‘The Boys’

Jensen Ackles is known for many things, mostly acting, but also the fact that he is no stranger to belting out a tune every once in a while and kind of killing it. Perhaps the writers of The Boys found this out and decided to use his talents for good in a new clip from the Amazon series.

Ackles’ character, a superhero by the name of Solider Boy (not that one), managed to perform a dazzling cover of Blondie’s 1980 hit “Rapture” during a preview of the very eighties show Solid Gold, complete with disco ball visuals and dancers donning side-ponies and body suits. Not only did Soldier Boy actually do a good job, but the cover made its way to Blondie herself, Debbie Harry.

Harry, who seems to be a fan of the show, responded to the video on Twitter, calling the performance “epic” and saying she was “speechless.”

Anthony Starr aka Homelander responded, “Epic indeed!! The version you never knew you needed,” to which Harry delightedly responded: “Homelander lazer us!!!” Perhaps there will be a Blondie/The Boys crossover in the newly ordered fourth season of the series? The icon even went back and forth with the official The Boys Twitter account, which makes a crossover even more likely. Let’s make it happen!