Fabreeze the beat

Mr. 2-17 – Still Spaz’n
(From YouTube; 2022)

Revisiting some classic Mr. 2-17 recently got me checking out what he’s been upto recently. Turns out he’s been alternating between the past with Crank Dat tributes and the future with Jean-Michel Jarre Prog-Swag instrumentals like Still Spaz’n. 2-17 reckons this one is a #YeatTypeBeat, but I’d prefer #AnyoneButYeat on it personally lol. Ideally, he lets the beat breathe as an instrumental forever ever.

Bonus beats: My pick for G.O.A.T instrumental which exists only on the producer’s YouTube page because nobody’s ever bought it? Gotta be this Trel Itz A Hit beat where he really let his nuts hang. Oi Trel – you came up outta that Bayou like a muskrat on this one.

Trel Itz A Hit – South Louisiana Swag
(From YouTube; 2015)