FACT mix 752: Rhyw

Twitchy techno for peak hours from the Fever AM co-founder.

Rhyw’s ‘Biggest Bully‘ made for one of 2019’s most thrilling techno tracks. A stuttering, stripped-back oddity made of elastic vocal samples and tightly-coiled drums, it was a defining moment for the Welsh-Greek producer after prior releases for An and Arcing Seas.

In the months since, Rhyw’s music has caught the attention of Modeselektor, who have released two EPs by the Welsh-Greek producer on their Seilscheibenpfeiler label. Sing Sin, released last month, is his most driving set of tracks to date, exploring a “twisted peak time energy”.

Rhyw also runs the Fever AM label alongside Mor Elian, with whom his music shares a light-footed yet propulsive quality. Together, they’ve turned the label into a home for a tight group of producers working at the intersection of techno, electro, dub and jungle.

Rhyw’s FACT mix is a taste of him playing “a club set to a very open crowd”, drawing in twitchy cuts from Pearson Sound, Upsammy, and Webstarr alongside unreleased heaters from Mor Elian, Karenn, Happa and more. If you’ve forgotten what the club sounds like, now’s the time to turn the volume up, turn the lights down, and dive in.


Dynamo – ’24°’
Upsammy – ‘Branches On Ice’
Mor Elian – (unreleased)
Silene – ‘Hollowed’ (unreleased)
Duji – ‘Be Careful What You Say’
Webstarr – ‘Aegrus’
Happa – (unreleased)
DJ Sinclair – ‘Bells (RPG mix)’
Bonehead – (unreleased)
Outkast – ? (Rhyw edit)
Pearson Sound – ‘Power Drumsss’
Sophie – ‘Not Okay (Alone Mix)’
Osheyack & Nahash – ‘Hold Pattern’
Rhyw – ‘Stare Me Down’ (unreleased)’
Blaze & Glory – “Influence Da Flow’
Milanese – ‘Vanilla Monkey’
Efdemin – ‘Acid Bells’
Shiken Hanzo – ‘Mysticism’
Xen Chron – (unreleased)
Karenn – ‘On Request’ (unreleased)
Ben Ritz – ‘Transition Piece’
LCY – ‘Naughty P’
Suburban Knight – ‘Cargo Cult (Last Days)’
Jabes – ‘Pulled Up’
Flore – ‘Coded Language’
Yssue – ‘Doesn’t mean alive’
Mark E – ‘Outdoor Pursuit’
Black Point – ‘Black Point’
Yu Su – ‘Words Without Sound’
DJ Nobu – ‘Föllakzoid IIII (DJ Nobu Daisy Remix)’
TSVI – ‘Labyrinth’
Untold – ‘Luminous’

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