Fact Mix 808: LCY

A moody, melancholic selection programmed by a robot pirate station from the mind of the SZNS7N boss.

Four years ago, Bristol native LCY self-released Mixtape 01, a project that established the producer (then known as LUCY) as a promising club talent operating in the fertile space between dubstep, grime and jungle. With the launch of their SZNS7N label in 2019, LCY’s music began to use the 140BPM zone as a jumping off point to explore a range of styles and moods.

In 2020, LCY began a new chapter as they retired the LUCY moniker with a self-titled EP that sampled their own back catalogue to create highly experimental club tracks utilising stripped-back D&B-inspired rhythms. However, the past year has been LCY’s most fruitful creative period yet. Last December, they took their first steps into a conceptual universe with the audiovisual piece ‘Garden of E10’.

LCY’s concept-driven narrative continued with last month’s Pulling Teeth EP, a seven-track dystopian narrative accompanied by art pieces and a live audio piece centring around the character of Ériu, a being made up of dog, human and robotic matter, inspired by traditional Irish lore, fantasy soundscapes and the books of Mary Shelley. 

It’s this experimental and conceptual approach that LCY adopts for their Fact Mix, a highly atmospheric set that weaves together original material and introspective electronics from Riccardo La Foresta, Chant Electronique and Synergetix alongside moody club cuts from Or:la and Anders Vestergaard.

“I spent forever perfecting a club set and then I realised that I am like many others right now a bit too anxious for events and crowds,” LCY says. “All I would like to do is sit in a dark room listen to mind bending melancholy music thats too swung to mix, so I made this with the idea that I’ve tuned into a robot pirate station and this is what they’re playing.

“I made this mix as a form of release and detox featuring some incredibly talented and often overlooked experimental artists and I hope it offers the same comfort to the listener that way musically inclined.”

LCY’s Pulling Teeth EP is out now. You can find more of LCY’s music at Bandcamp, where you can also explore the SZNS7N catalogue.


LCY – ‘untitled ambience’
LCY – ‘Decay 
Saw – ‘Horres’
Riccardo La Foresta – ‘Drummophone 04’
Riccardo La Foresta – ‘Drummophone 02’
Chant Electronique – ‘Senhora Dos Aguas’ 
Nemerov – ‘AD05’ (Alley Cats retake)
Synergetix – ‘Everyone Is Born A Genius”
Slikback – ’28 SLK EDIT 1 E-Saggila’
Y.a.M.A – ‘Mutant’
8Ball – ‘Many Shapes’
Diessa – ? (forthcoming SZNS7N) 
White Boy Scream – ‘Bakunawa’
HANAH – ‘Pr. Raoult Secret Weapons’ 
Anders Vestergaard – ‘prime float’
New York Haunted – ‘NYH85 Drvg Cvltvre’
CRZKNY – ‘第一幕’
Or-la – ‘UK Lonely’
LCY – ‘untitled #2’

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