Fact Mix: Daisy Moon

Daisy Moon goes deep and dark for her Fact mix, rattling through high-velocity club rotators and synapse singeing shape-shifters, tailor-made for irresistible peak time tension.

Daisy Moon contains multitudes. The Bristol-based producer and DJ moves effortlessly between scenes and sounds: playing as resident alongside Shanti Celeste, Gramrcy and Golesworthy for legendary Bristol and Berlin party Housework, producing and performing as part of the sprawling Curl collective and most recently founding her own platform, Off-Kilter, a mix and event series with a focus on the fringes, probing the boundaries between club music and live performance.

Between releasing music with Rhythm Section and the aforementioned Curl, Moon is also one of the co-founders and mentors at Mix Nights, an initiative from Saffron Records, which is a course and community designed to encourage women, trans, non-binary and minority genders to learn how to DJ.

“This is the fastest mix I’ve ever recorded, I wanted to record a mix that represents what I like to play and listen to peak time in a club,” she says of her Fact mix. “For the later seconds, when the dance floor transforms into pockets of deep energy – heads down and then hands up and vice versa – for hours that dissolve so quickly, leaving with them traces of the moments that melt into us and never leave, injected into our bodies and imprinted into our minds.”

“Genre wise the mix touches on the more techy, proggy sound that I’m playing a lot of at the moment, with skippy, darker but energetic techno and also real chopped and screwed, mind-melting broken techno in there for good measure,” she continues. “In a club, I love going from playing quite straight to then suddenly dropping something outrageous that is similar in pace and vibe but totally throws everything off – people lose their shit to stuff like that.” 

You can find Daisy Moon on Instagram and SoundCloud.


Joe Koshin – ‘Astro Wax’
Pletnev – ‘Am I Looking At Two Similar Cats’
??? – ‘???’
Asphalt DJ & Gzardin – ‘Okra Slink’
DJ Life & Reflex Blue – ‘Glacier Run’
Spray – ‘Zippycher’
Suki – ‘Hidden Credentials’
Sniper1 – ‘Malkovich’s Workout (Mabel Remix)’
Roza Terenzi & D. Tiffany – ‘Prude Pride’
Piezo – ‘Bbent’ [Forthcoming]
Austen – ‘Reuben’
Human Resources – ‘Tra3_E’ [Forthcoming]
Canned – ‘Product Toss’
DJ Stingray – ‘Binarycoven’
LDS – ‘Vone’
??? – ‘???’
Awo Ojiji – ‘Ridicoloum’
Blu:sh- ‘Recess’

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