Fact Mix: georg-i

georg-i makes a case for himself as one of the most essential rising producers of 2023.

Rising producer and DJ georg-i encapsulates the shapeshifting face of UK dance music. Initially turning heads with an incredible debut for the irrepressibly brilliant YCO crew (his second-ever release!), the Bristol-based, Leeds-born artist has steadily slung a relentless barrage of vital projects at us, most recently rearranging everyone’s interiors with overclocked club weapons for FELT and unleashing a Rave Ballista for his YCO family – yes come on indeed! In doing so georg-i has aligned himself with a cohort of artists, spearheaded in no small part by YCO custodians aya and BFTT, that are remaking the UK sound in their own image, shocking UK techno, hardcore, breakbeat and jungle with enough crackling Zillennial energy to blow that Lost Mary™ right out of your grinning mouth.

His Fact mix is an incisive summary of some of the most exciting talents coming out of the UK and Europe, as well as a homage to some tracks that have had particular influence on the artist’s approach to production. Whether its coaxing the lustsick croons of Bruce’s ‘In The Pines’ into the intricate, hard sci-fi puzzle box of Hassan Abou Alam’s ‘Gloom’ and the throbbing comic book nerd poetry of AtomTM’s ‘0.9 (Almost a Unit),’ smashing the 1000-tonne, combine harvester-in-a-cyclone chaos of Roho’s ‘Elemental’ into the industrial pile driver carnage of Cocktail Party Effect’s ‘Fixing The Roof,’ or back-ending aya’s rushing speed run surgery of Space Afrika and Blackhaine’s ‘B£E’ with his own molten-hot, supercharged steamroller ‘Cauterize,’ georg-i handles these tracks with deft mastery and real love.

“I really wanted to capture the moments on the dance floor which really stick with you the next day,” he explains. “The type of stuff that you can remember past the faint tinnitus ring paired with the insane hangover. For me this can be big gestural songs, changes in momentum, or more subtle movements which creep up on you, leaving you in a space you weren’t expecting to be. These little narratives are the things I have the most fun putting together when DJing and so I wanted this mix to be me pulling a bunch of them together whilst always maintaining a sense of moving forward.”

You can find georg-i on SoundCloud and Instagram.


Bruce – ‘In The Pines’
Hassan Abou Alam – ‘Gloom’
AtomTM – ‘0.9 (Almost a Unit)’
georg-i – ‘Strobe Fodder’
Pev & Kowton – ‘Vapours (Pangaea Remix)’
Metrist – ‘Y Y Y MY’
Skee Mask – ‘A14 vs CB’
Toma Kami – ‘Ritmo Actual’
Sobolik – ‘Airplane Mode’
Batu – ‘In Tongues’
Metrist – ‘???’
Musique Chienne – ‘Une Drôle De Blague (Roy Of The Ravers Remix)’
Alex Smoke – ‘Dust’
Roho – ‘Elemental’
Cocktail Party Effect – ‘Fixing the Roof’
HOOVER1 – ‘Hoover1-4B’
YCO Cru – ‘???’
Lurka – ‘Wire’
Blawan – ‘Toast’
Piezo – ‘LSD Superhero’
georg-i – ‘Cauterize’
Space Afrika – ‘B£E’ [Feat. Blackhaine] (aya wavefold)

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