Fact Mix: LYZZA

Fact cover star LYZZA delivers the S/S 2023 issue mix: a propulsive call to dance featuring predominantly Brazilian and LatAm artists.

“Being born in Brazil, moving to Europe, being part of the Afro-Latino diaspora and also coming from quite a broken family, I think I never knew where I belonged,” says Fact cover star LYZZA of her formative musical trajectory. “Within my music, it’s just been me trying to piece together these parts and exploring how I feel. I have to create these new sounds to feel like I’m telling my own story and have other people relate to that, that’s how I truly feel seen.” This exploratory approach is evidenced across the artist’s impressive body of work, from her debut EP Powerplay, through her subsequent releases IMPOSTER, DEFIANCE and most recently on MOSQUITO.

As her sound has developed she has augmented a lethal ear for club music with serious technical skill, something she demonstrates with the expansive score and sound design for Third World: The Bottom Dimension, a “consciousness-raising game that explores Black-indigenous Brazilian experience” and the latest work from artist and Fact Resident Gabriel Massan. Applying her crackling DIY energy to every song and sound that oscillates across Massan’s virtual ecology, LYZZA picks up and expands Massan’s worldbuilding practice across discipline and media.

Her Fact mix shares some of this space, finding celebratory expression in the LatAm club alchemy of producers all the way from Bristol to Brazil, a space in which baille funk is shot through with Detroit acid, trance sparks up against speed dembow and guaracha and TikTok-conquering brega funk finds kinship with pummelling New York bounce. “I’ve been feeling like as we’re entering summer ’23, ever since the end of covid restrictions, people seem to be open and ready to socialise from an open place without feeling the social pressure and anxiety that seemed to be orbiting last summer,” says LYZZA.

“I wanted this mix to be an invitation for others to do the same and celebrate the connection that you can make with others through the practice of listening and dancing to freeing music together.”

You can find LYZZA on Instagram and Bandcamp. Third World: The Bottom Dimension, opens at Serpentine North on June 23.

LYZZA appears alongside Gabriel Massan on the cover of the S/S 2023 issue of Fact Magazine, which can be bought direct from The Vinyl Factory’s online shop, from Boutique Mags and the exhibitions at 180 Studios.


PCB Rhythm Select – ‘PCB  Diode’
JLZ – ‘DZ7’
DJ W3C x DJ Swisha Sweet – ‘www.deepweb.onion’
BJF – ‘Circus’
1OO1O – ‘AWA de UWU’
Brenda – ‘BRND Alma Rota’
Moke – ‘SoundError’
Dry – ‘ai droga tool’
Sassygirl – ‘Gotikeo (Mag R >.< X)’
DJ Tuco & Allmostt – ‘The One’
Rio – ‘procnias’
Dry – ‘quandú eu gozar’
MC Durrony E MC Jhenny – ‘Mete Bala Te Amo’
quest?onmarq – ‘brutal bounce tool’
NORA – ‘Miss U Raving’
Doxxed – ‘Asereje’

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