Fact Mix: Slim Soledad

Slim Soledad charges through an exhilarating rush of body-breaking techno and baile funk.

“I think that in all my creative processes, especially with music, it’s not about listening but about visualising what it is passing through you, what kind of images come to your mind when you hear a specific kind of sound.” This is how Slim Soledad describes her ferocious style, which traces a sonic vocabulary equal parts synaesthetic and cinematic. Born in Guarulhos, a city on the outskirts of São Paulo state, the multidisciplinary artist became immersed in Sao Paulo’s party culture from the age of 12, a formative experience that would ultimately inspire her to co-found Chernobyl. Now a fixture of the Sao Paulo scene, the party has served as an essential space for queer and trans BPOC communities throughout the city, a testament to the uncompromising vision of Slim Soledad and Chernobyl co-founders XD Eric, Elcio Jr., Lolla Venzon and Gurunga.

It was at Chernobyl that Slim Soledad honed her razor sharp skills as a DJ, which have seen her garner a hardcore following within fashion and music scenes throughout Brazil, Europe and the UK. Now based in Paris, her genre-shredding predilection for eclectic chaos draws from these diverse music scenes, a continent-spanning dialogue that finds deep, dark euphoria in brutal techno, hardcore baile funk variants like bruxaria and putaria, as well as contemporary vogue and more experimental club sounds. Her Fact mix is a dazzling showcase of her expansive tastes, an exhilarating rush of body-breaking hedonism.

“For me it’s been a pleasure to try new forms of experimentation, especially with heavier sounds,” Slim Soledad explains. “The mix contains everything from techno to Brazilian funk, some trance, hard bass and gabber references, plus rhythms that I call ‘magical’ from producers that are so amazing and genuine. I think the songs are journeys to airy, untouchable places, looking like fictional places that I have visualised before and now end up becoming real, materialising in songs. In addition to the mix I’m planning to release an EP in the next few months. I’d say it’s my journey into outer space.”

You can find Slim Soledad on Instagram, SoundCloud and Bandcamp.


phacade – ‘Pick It Up’
Wavezim – ‘BOTADA CLUB’
Karina – ‘Samba Cave’
Aasi – ‘WHOA’
LULU X STRENX – ‘Caracal Rave’
cybiko2000 – ‘QUICA NA PONTA DA PICA (demo)’
Reactant – ‘Anonymity 006’
DDRCK – ‘Chapter 6’
Juul Exler X Gabrielle Rites – ‘Phantom Dancer’ (GOMB67)
icq baby – ‘nao se assuste’
Edboy – ‘Looks Can Kill’
LD_0 – ‘Sliced Emotions’
gupi – ‘misplaced expertise’
Mahtal – ‘This Ends Now’

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