Fan Runs Up On 50 Cent While Performing, Gets Tackled by Security

50 Cent was charged at by an overeager fan during a recent show in Chicago, but luckily security was able to intervene before he got too close to the rapper.

Fan Runs Up on 50 Cent While Performing and Gets Tackled by Security

On Saturday (Sept. 16), 50 Cent performed with special guests Busta Rhymes and Jeremih at Chicago’s United Center. In a TikTok shared by the user @Arctic_pandas, the G-Unit leader could be seen taking a moment to show love to hometown hero Chief Keef, playing through his smash hit “Love Sosa.” While the track was playing, an overeager fan can be seen in the video slipping through security and hopping on stage, making a run for 50 Cent before being tackled and led away by security.

Uncle Murda also intervened in the process, helping to escort the fan as far away from 50 Cent as possible. Meanwhile, 50 Cent let the song continue to play and looked rather unphased by the whole fiasco. Video of the moment can be seen below.

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50 Cent Shares a Very Different Kind of Moment With a Fan Earlier in His Tour

50 Cent’s run-ins with his fans during his sprawling Final Lap Tour haven’t been all bad. On Sept. 2, the Queens legend had a heartwarming meet-and-greet moment with a very young and emotional fan. The little boy was clearly a die-hard fan. He was dressed like an early-2000s version of 50 Cent with a du-rag, T-shirt and mini bulletproof vest, and was visibly overcome with emotion. Still, 50 Cent encouraged the boy to come strike some poses with his idol.

“I love you so much,” the young boy said after a few moments together. Both 50 Cent and the little boy continued to pose for pictures while he revealed that he got tickets to see him for his birthday.

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Watch the Chicago fan run up on 50 Cent below.

Watch 50 Cent Get Run Up by a Fan

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