Fans Think Cardi B Copies Nicki Minaj’s White Fur Coat Style

Fans believe Cardi B copied Nicki Minaj‘s white fur coat style, and Cardi responds.

Cardi B Responds to Fans’ Claim of Copying Nicki Minaj’s White Fur Coat Style

On Saturday (Dec. 23), a side-by-side photo popped up online of Cardi B and Nicki Minaj rocking white hair extensions and matching white fur coats on separate occasions. This prompted fans to accuse Cardi of copying Nicki’s white fur coat style. For several hours, Cardi’s fans and Nicki’s fans (known as the Barbz) argued back and forth about who was copying whom.

The Bronx rapper must have heard about the fashion controversy and decided to end the dispute.

“You muthaf**king fans and b***hes are arguing over a coat that I had on for 45 seconds,” Cardi said in a video on her Instagram page, which can be viewed below.

“That’s an old coat,” she continued. “Y’all crying about a f**king old-ass coat. An archive piece in my f**king closet. Shut the f**k up.”

Cardi also mentoned that she doesn’t pay attention to other female rappers so she doesn’t feel like she has to copy their fashion sense.

“I don’t give a f**k about these b***hes like y’all be giving a f**k about me. I don’t,” she attested. “I don’t watch these B***hes. B***hes can’t dress to me.”

“Damn, b***h can’t f**king enjoy her f**king life,” she added. “Y’all crying over an old-ass coat. Suck my d**k.”

Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj seemingly posted on her Instagram page the exact white fur coat photo that has fans so riled up about. She wrote in the caption: “B!Ches Jackin. I’m still Queenin.” Peep the photo below.

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Fans React to White Fur Coat Style Controversy

Both Cardi and Nicki fans hopped on X, formerly known as Twitter, to argue over the white fur coat style controversy. Some people accused Cardi of biting, while others accused Nicki and her fans of being petty.

“Nicki is so messy it’s ridiculous. She literally posted a pic of herself in a white fur coat like Cardi is copying her with that weird ass caption. She be picking. Be fr,” wrote one fan.

“Cardi b has to be delusional to think mfs not gone think she copying Nicki. The blonde bust down part and the white fur coat [rolling eyes emoji],” typed another person.

A third person wrote: “Nicki acting like no one else in life can do blonde hair and a white fur coat is hilarious and ridiculous. That’s not Cardi B. ‘jacking.’ It feels like she’s reaching for beef because she wants attention. I said what I said.”

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Watch Cardi addressed the fans who think she copied Nicki Minaj’s fur coat style below. Also, read Nicki’s response to the hoopla below.

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