Flo Milli Admits To Being ‘Conceited’ On Her Fierce New Song

Flo Milli’s confidence goes without saying, and she puts it on full display on her new track “Conceited.” In alignment with the energy of women rappers of past and present, she raps with ferocity about how much faith she has in herself. She makes nods to her hometown Mobile, Alabama, how she has been that b**** since the fetus, and that she doesn’t need a man’s money. “Milli got money cause Milli got hits,” she firmly exclaims. It is a short offering at almost two and a half minutes, but more than enough to convey the intended message. Flo Milli is here to stay and will only go up higher at her will.

“Conceited” follows the April release of Flo Milli’s addition to Monaleo’s “We Not Humping” remix as well as the “Toot It Up” collaboration with Sally Sossa. Individually, the 22-year-old released “PBC” in late February and it’s very possible a project may be coming as it has been two years since her debut project Ho, Why Is You Here? Whether that is the plan or not, Milli is moving at a steady pace and offering quality each time she shows up.

Check out Flo Milli’s song “Conceited” above.