Foushee Delivers Reassurance In The Midst Of Chaos On The Spasmodic ‘I’m Fine’

Foushee’s big stepping-out moment came last year when she released her debut album Time Machine. The project arrived after she reached viral success with “Deep End Freestyle,” which was amplified by a remix from Sleepy Hallow. Since the project’s release, which was pushed by songs like “Paper Plane” and “My Slime,” Foushee has used her genre-bending skills to pair herself with names like Vince Staples, Ayra Starr, Lil Wayne, Saba, and more. Foushee is now preparing to release her second project, and as she continues to put the finishing touches on it, she returns with its second single.

Following last month’s “Double Standard, Foushee is back in action with “I’m Fine.” The record finds the singer in a reassuring space as she convinces both listeners and the person she speaks to on the song that all is well in her world. It’s another message-focused song from Foushee, just like “Double Standard,” which she spoke about in a press release for the song.

In it, she said the song addresses “outdated gender roles that I have experienced in past relationships and rebelling against them.” Foushee adds, “The imbalance frustrates me. Don’t expect anything from me that you wouldn’t give me, including respect and loyalty. I match energy.”

You can listen to “I’m Fine” here.