Fox News Employees Are (Anonymously, Of Course) Trashing Tucker Carlson, Calling Him ‘Extremely Unprofessional’ And ‘A Joke’


The Dominion lawsuit against Fox News has been ramping up, with one damning revelation after another. Not that viewers would know; they’ve barely mentioned it on-air, instead carrying on as usual. But as Tucker Carlson goes on air to once again downplay the Jan. 6 riot, behind the scenes staff is freaking the hell out. They’re mad at upper management. And they’re pissed at Tucker.

A new report by The Daily Beast speaks to numerous employees and insiders — all anonymously, of course. The mood there is grim. “We’re not happy,” one reporter told them bluntly. A producer added, “It’s just a really bad time to be working here.” But while they have plenty of ire for highers-up, who’ve given them “no guidance” on how to handle one apocalyptic news story after another.

Then there’s Tucker. “He acts like the king of Fox,” a producer said. “Entitlement. Extremely unprofessional.”

One correspondent went even further. “Honestly, Tucker is a joke, and I don’t know many in the news division that likes or respects him,” they said. “He makes our jobs harder and way more dangerous.”

Indeed, not long before Tucker’s show Tuesday night, Bret Baier aired a report brutally criticizing his widely condemned coverage of newly available Jan. 6 footage, which the host predictably edited into segments that made the violent insurrectionists look like nice tourists. Tucker’s reports have been slammed by Democrats and Republicans alike, but it’s clear his own colleagues don’t like that they’re making they’re already untrustworthy network look somehow even less reputable.

(Via The Daily Beast)