Freddie Gibbs’ ‘SSS’ Album Has Already Been Met With Overwhelmingly Positive Feedback From Fans

One of the buzziest hip-hop releases of the weekend is Freddie Gibbs‘ new album, Soul Sold Seperately. Upon its release, the album has received much praise from fans, many of them praising the dedication to his craft, as he continues to deliver cohesive, conceptual bodies of work throughout his long-spanning career.

“I appreciate Freddie Gibbs at least having a theme with his project,” said one Twitter user. “Most of these projects that are released these days sound like a bunch of tracks that were randomly recorded and slapped together.”

“Freddie Gibbs’ new album is scary good,” said Anthony D’Aliesio of the hip-hop-centered NFR podcast.

“Freddie Gibbs is unable to miss for some reason,” said another Twitter user. “I’ve been onto his music for 10 years since BFK and hasn’t had a project that wasn’t pure flames since.”

Soul Sold Separately marks Gibbs’ first major label album, after nearly two decades of releasing independent albums and mixtapes. In an interview with Paper, Gibbs said that he has lasted in the rap game for so long thanks to his consistency.

“I think I get better every project,” Gibbs said. “I think being consistent is better than peaking. So many guys have peaked and they’re just trying to get back to that spot again. We’re in the business where guys chase big records and big hits. I ain’t never have to do that to be ‘good.’ I just always made music to satisfy my core and my fanbase hoping that it will grow. When it grew, I thought that maybe I could get out of the streets. Once I was able to get out of the streets from making music, why would I look back on that? Why would I throw that away trying to go commercial? This is probably my most commercial album but I didn’t try to be commercial.”

Soul Sold Separately is out now via Warner Records. Stream it here.

Freddie Gibbs is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.