Future Hangs Out In Little Havana In His Laid-Back ‘Holy Ghost’ Video

Little Havana is having kind of a moment in hip-hop. Not only did Rick Ross offer a musical ode to the Miami neighborhood on his latest album but now Future has also given a glimpse of a day in the life there with his new video for “Holy Ghost.” Strolling down the street one evening, a shirtless Future finds himself hanging out on the porch with some residents, playing dominoes, and having what appears to be one heck of a great time with the natives, who all sport matching house arrest monitors on their ankles.

The implication is clear; no matter where Future ends up, he’ll always find his people. Despite our differences, we have a lot more in common. If you doubt it, just break out the dominoes and watch what happens. And because it’s a rap video, of course, they found a way to get some booty in the clip too, via a scantily-clad woman hanging up laundry on a clothesline.

“Holy Ghost” is track 13 on Future’s latest album, I Never Liked You, which was released on April 29 via Freebandz and Epic Records. Sporting the singles “Worst Day,” “Wait For U,” and “Keep It Burnin,” the album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, becoming Future’s seventh album to do so. Future has since released one more video, for the song “Puffin On Zootiez.”

Watch the “Holy Ghost” video above.