Generic list post: June 2022

Obligatory wrap-up post of those songs I’ve played most during the month when I found out that the cassingle of Big Scoob’s Champagne On The Block had an amazing front cover. Those of us who own the 12″ got shafted.

Big Scoob – U Got It (2002)
Yung Joc – A Couple Grand (2006)
Monaleo – We Not Humping (2021)
Eatem ft. BR Cowboy – Magical (2022)
Duke Deuce ft. Glorilla – Just Say That (2022)
Homeboy Sandman – Fruit Day 1 (2022)
Consequence – Blood Stain (2022)
Westside Boogie ft. DRAM – AIGHT (2022)
P-Lo ft. Larry June – Good (2022)
Ezale – Hotel Motel (2022)
Knucks ft. Sainte – Playa (2022)

Other notables: I’m still not tryna hear G-Herbo soundalikes over Jersey Club beats but Asian Doll’s song featuring Bandmanrill is hot like a Dragon’s Breath chilli; Seiji Oda’s What It Feel Like is a cool little stopgap song; as someone who has a soft spot for French Montana I didn’t need him on a remix of the best U.K single of 2022.

PS: they were only Lil’ like Chris, but I made a couple of playlists this month: five New York 12″ songs I love and my top 5 NorCal Rap songs of 2022 so far.

PPS: I wouldn’t necessarily say that Playa is one of my favourite songs on the Knucks album, but that chorus stays richochetting and reverberating around my head all day, so I’ve ended up listening to it more than the album’s de facto best songs.