Generic list post: May 2022

My m8 caught Monkeypox. Luckily the doctor has gibbon him a strong chance of a full recovery.

Obligatory wrap-up post of those songs I’ve played most during the month when the Rap internet gave me a headache. A battle of (half)wits between “you MUST listen to Kendrick Lamar” guys and “I DON’T listen to Kendrick Lamar” guys. Personally, I need Silent Hill to be Lamar’s next single so I can continue to call him the highfalutin Kid Ink: a good singles rapper who makes tediously bloated albums.

6 Shot – Cutthroat (2001)
Seiji Oda – Like This (album version) (2022)
Eatem – Cup Of Tea (2022)
Hitkidd & Glorilla – FNF (Let’s Go) (2022)
Kendrick Lamar ft. Kodak Black – Silent Hill (2022)
Benzz – Je M’appelle (2022)
Knucks ft. SL – Nice & Smooth (2022)
Mr. Fingers – Coastline Paradox (2022)
Martin Slavin – Space Adventures Part 2 (1966)

Other notables: Phat Baby’s Proper Play is a good bad-energy song; Kenzo B’s Bump It might be the most notable Pulp Fiction soundtrack-core song since Hollywood Holt’s The Show; Husalah’s new song is more like an intro than a single; the same is true of Nef The Pharoah’s Tattooed which could have been super sick if he’d bothered to turn it into a proper song.

Other stuff: peep me on Rap’s G.O.A.T lost loosies. Also peep Party Sparty on his favourite movie soundtrack songs from 1957 to 2020 and Caroline Munro’s best movie roles.