Generic list post: October 2022

Obligatory wrap-up post of those songs I’ve played most during the month when Max B got hench. Maybe he’s been using yoga to get swole? Makes sense since he’s been in prison for a long stretch. Really doe, free the King of New York already!

Prodigy – White Lines (1999)
Y@k Ballz – TCK (CDQ version) (2001)
Lil’ Maru – On The Block (2021)
Mouse On Tha Track – Big Blossom (2022)
WNC Whop Bezzy ft. Mouse On Tha Track – Don’t Stop (2022)
Homeboy Sandman – Boy Sand También (2022)
Duke Deuce – Anna (2022)
Slimeroni, Aleza, Gloss Up & K Carbon – Shabooya (2022)
George Clinton – Man’s Best Friend (instrumental) (1983)

Other notables: October’s Most Unexpected song award goes to Seiji Oda’s City-Pop remix of DB Tha General’s classic 2007 Intro; B.o.B dropped an unintentionally funny song defending his right to be a Flat Earther conspiracy theorist lol; Postcard is the first DJ Lucas & Papo2oo4 I’ve liked enough to listen to more than twice.

Other stuff: I made a post which links all the Audiomack playlists I’ve made so far this year. Lotta hot music new and old contained in them there playlists. I also found out that Max B got the Why You Do That instrumental by a stroke of serendipity caused by New York traffic.