Gorillaz Debuted Two New Songs At Their Tour Opener, Including A Thundercat Collaboration

The Gorillaz are very well-known at this point for collaborating with some of the best and brightest artists around, so it’s never any surprise when they add another joint track to their already impressive discography. All these frequent collabs also make for a great live show when Gorillaz do perform, because a lot of times, different artists will come out and perform their hits alongside the band. Well, that wasn’t quite the case last night, but fans did get the chance to catch a new track for the first time — this one a collaboration with renowned bassist and R&B star Thundercat.

During a set at the Antel Arena in Montevideo, Uruguay, the band performed the new song and projected footage of Thundercat playing alongside them. Last night was the kick off for Gorillaz’ new world tour, and they played another new song as well, this one called “Silent Running.” Check out footage of the Thundercat collab both up top and down below, as well as some clips of “Silent Running.”

In other Gorillaz news, Damon Albarn has been a divisive force in pop lately, drawing the ire of Taylor Swift fans for questioning her songwriting in an interview, and praising Billie Eilish in the same breath. The latter led to a Coachella appearance for him, so at least some of those interview comments worked out.