Gucci Mane Gave A Fan $5,000 After They Returned A Jewelry Bracelet That He Lost During A Show

At any given moment, you’ll most likely catch Gucci Mane with a neck and/or wrist flooded with diamonds. The Atlanta trap star has never been shy to show off his collection of jewelry and extremely expensive watches. So it would make sense that Gucci would be quite grateful if he lost one of those items all for it to be swiftly returned to him, and that’s exactly what happened at a recent show of his. During a past club appearance, Gucci decided to turn up with the crowd, but it was during this time that he lost one of his jewelry bracelets.

Luckily for Gucci, the bracelet was returned to him by a good samaritan not too long after he lost it, and he showed his gratitude with a generous gift. After the bracelet was given to him, Gucci took out $5,000 in cash to give to the fan as a way to show his appreciation. “I was f*cked up when I felt like it came off my wrist,” Gucci said at one point during the night.

Gucci’s display of appreciation comes as he’s turned up his activeness on the music front. It’s highlighted by a collection of songs he’s dropped this year: “Rumors” with Lil Durk, “Publicity Stunt,” “Blood All On It” with Young Dolph and Key Glock, and “Serial Killers.”

You can view a fan-captured video of Gucci dishing out the cash to the fan.

Gucci Mane is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.