Haroon Mirza explores consciousness and European identity in '//// ////'

Adapted from the original four-channel installation for FACT, with a new mix of the audio by Jack Jelfs.

Multimedia artist Haroon Mirza melds theoretical physics, sound design, theories of consciousness, video montage and questions of European identity into ‘//////// ////////’.

Titled after the symbol for the constellation Aquarius, the work is a single-channel adaption of the original four-channel installation, which would be showing now at the Aberdeen Art Gallery. Artist Jack Jelfs has contributed a special mix of the audio for presentation on FACT.

The video features spoken word performances from Nik Void of Factory Floor and Carter Tutti Void, and The Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess. ‘//////// ////////’ was compiled and edited by Haroon Mirza.

Back in 2013 Mirza collaborated with Factory Floor and Django Django on /o/o/o/o/, a 12″ for The Vinyl Factory. In 2016 he was featured as part of Overmono’s 50 Locked Grooves series, creating sounds with custom 12″s made from glass, cardboard, sellotape and other household items. More recently he has collaborated with composer and experimental turntablist Shiva Feshareki.

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