HAYZ: Rising Star with Hits “Trippin Over You” And ‘Nothin 2 Somethin’

Hailing from Prince George, Northern British Columbia, emerging artist HAYZ is making waves with his latest releases, including the single “Trippin Over You” and his album ‘Nothin 2 Somethin.’ Influenced by sounds from Vancouver to Los Angeles, he blends various musical styles, capturing attention with tracks like “Las Vegas,” “No Way,” and “Do The Most.”

Las Vegas” portrays a lavish lifestyle synonymous with success, set against the glitzy backdrop of Sin City. The track encapsulates triumph over past skepticism, embodying the high risks and rewards of Vegas. Meanwhile, “No Way,” featuring Qwiss, illustrates HAYZ’s journey from adversity to affluence, highlighting a narrative of perseverance and authenticity in the face of fame. The song parallels his transformation to renowned figures like Jay-Z, celebrating his rise to financial independence.

In “Do The Most,” featuring Red Mcfly, HAYZ dismisses sympathy, relying on his musical prowess to overcome challenges. The track speaks to the artist’s resilience and street-smart sensibility, emphasizing the importance of authenticity in a treacherous environment. “Trippin Over You” stands out with its portrayal of passionate longing and the complexities of love, reflecting on the intensity and challenges of romantic entanglements.

HAYZ’s ascent is reminiscent of Canadian icons like Drake, blending inspiration and innovation in his music. His ‘Nothin 2 Somethin’ LP, symbolizing his rise from hardship, paves the way for his anticipated future releases. With a style that resonates globally and a vision for continued artistic evolution, he promises to bring depth and new dimensions to his music in his upcoming album, expected in the early months of the next year. 

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