Hazeline Taffe Releases A New Collection Of Spiritual Songs The Holy Awakening 

American singer-songwriter and recording artist Hazeline Taffe is releasing a new collection of spiritual songs under the form of an album titled The Holy Awakening.

Pop, soul, gospel, and r&b intertwin beautifully all through this album, with stand-out tracks such as “My Holy Father I Adore,” “You Love Me so Much” and “Rise Up” really channeling Hazeline’s inspiring faith-oriented vision of life. 

Hazeline Taffe has had extremely painful events happening in her life, and she has found the strength in her faith to transform her pain into empowering art, with an ultimate purpose of helping millions of there cope with similar struggles. 

The Holy Awakening is sonically and lyrically breathtaking, hitting all the sweet spots in terms of content and style. For all those looking for deeply meaningful music, Hazeline Taffe is by far one of the most outstanding artists out there!

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