He is known for making us Laugh but Crank Lucas is laughing to the bank after securing Joyner Lucas "Will" beat placement

A lot people dont know, but Crank Lucas is the producer behind Joyner Lucas smash hit single “Will”! The video has only been out since March 25th, 2020 and already has over 13.7 Million views on youtube! Crank details how this once in lifetime opportunity came about. Crank said “Well Joyner heard the beat I had it in a previous skit. He reached out to me and I sent it to him. I knew the day the album was coming out but I had no idea he did a dedication to Will Smith much less a whole music video for it. So I was boosted to see he did that and even more boosted when Will Smith reacted.”

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Joyner Lucas – Will (ADHD):