Here’s What Happened on Day 15 of the Young Thug YSL Trial

Young Thug‘s YSL trial has resumed after wrapping early last week, and once again consisted only of testimony from Trontavious “Tick” Stephens.

Day 15 of the Young Thug YSL Trial

On Monday (Jan. 8), Young Thug returned to Fulton County Superior Court in Georgia rocking MattyBoy’s Sex Records shirt, as well as a yellow Sp5der jacket. Similarly to the last few days, Trontavious “Tick” Stephens, who accepted a plea deal in 2022 in case, took the stand for the prosecution. Stephens was once again facing continued questioning from state prosecutor Adriane Love.

  • Trontavious “Tick” Stephens Asked to Name YSL Members

Legal affairs journalist Meghann Cuniff posted a video that showed Tick admitting to doing criminal activity on behalf of a gang that has “three or more” members. When asked to name other said members, Tick said he considers himself three people. However, Stephens did name each of the six co-defendants sitting in the courtroom, and noted they were members of the YSL “gang.” He added that the number 5 in Thug’s bright yellow Sp5der jacket has a blood affiliation as well.

  • Trontavious “Tick” Stephens Asked to Describe Tattoos

Stephens was again asked to give details about one of his tattoos, which shows a red star with the letter B inside of it. When asked to describe what the letter stands for, he said it stands for “Boo” or “Boss.”

“I got this tattoo in juvenile,” Stepens said. “As you can see in the far back the ink wasn’t real. I got it like picked in with a staple. So when I came home from juvenile, it was just like an outline with no color in it.”

He went on to say he was brought to a tattoo shop to get the ink filled in and added that the B was also just put there to disguise how ugly the tattoo was.

Today’s trial day ended with Stephens still on the stand. He will continued his testimony tomorrow (Jan. 9).

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Young Thug Continues to Fight for His Freedom

Young Thug is facing multiple charges including violating Georgia’s RICO Act. Prosecutors will attempt to prove that Thug and six codefendants used the YSL record label for violent gang activity. The state additionally claims YSL has committed many violent crimes including armed robbery, conspiring to murder, and participating in criminal street gang activity. A jury of 12, including seven Black women, two White women, two Black men and one White man, will decide whether Thug walks free or not. The trial is expected to last several weeks.

The trial will continue with day 16 on Tuesday (Jan. 9).

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Watch day 15 of the Young Thug YSL trial below.

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