Here’s What Happened on Day 5 of the Young Thug YSL Trial

The Young Thug YSL trial in Atlanta continues for the second week, with prosecutors continuing to lay out their case that the Atlanta rapper is the spearhead of a violent street gang.

Day 5 of the Young Thug YSL Trial

  • Juror Dismissed From Case and Replaced 

On Monday (Dec. 4), Day 5 of the Young Thug YSL trial commenced after having the day off last Friday (Dec. 1). The morning session began with the announcement that a juror has been dismissed from the case after being hospitalized over the weekend.

“I am in receipt of the [hospital] admission form,” Judge Ural Granville announced to the court in the video below. “As of current, she is still in the hospital. Her anticipated release date, potentially, is this coming Wednesday. As much as I would like to wait until Wednesday, I’m gonna probably have to go ahead and excuse her due to illness.”

  • Young Thug’s Sweater Takes Center Stage 

One of the most talked about aspects of today’s trial was what Young Thug was wearing. The rapper was donning an Amiri sweater that shows a wolf balancing records on one hand. District Attorney Adriane Love used the opportunity to quote famed author Rudyard Kipling’s sequel The Second Jungle Book that references wolves. Love referred to Thug as the leader of the pack.

  • Codefendant Arrests 

Most of today’s testimony came from officers speaking on arrests involving Young Thug codefendants. Multiple officers testified about the arrest of Trontavious Stephens and Shannon Stillwell. Drug and gun charges were filed against both men. Stephens has already taken a plea deal. The State could call him to testify.

Another traffic stop involving Quamarvious Nichols and Shannon Stillwell, in which drugs and a gun were collected and both were arrested, was also discussed. The jury saw body-cam footage of the arrest.

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Young Thug Continues to Fight for His Freedom

Young Thug is currently on trial facing multiple charges including violating Georgia’s RICO Act. Prosecutors claim that Thug and six codefendents used his record label YSL as a front for violent gang activity. The state alleges YSL has committed numerous violent crimes over the years including armed robbery, conspiring to murder, and participating in criminal street gang activity. A jury of 12, including seven Black women, two White women, two Black men, and one White man, will decide whether Thug walks free or not. The trial is expected to last several weeks.

The trial will continue with its sixth day on Tuesday (Dec. 5).

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Watch Day 5 of the YSL trial below.

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