Horror Fan Megan Thee Stallion Says Creepy Doll Annabelle Is ‘Over’ After Seeing The Trailer For James Wan’s ‘Megan’

It’s likely that no one in hip-hop is more excited for the spooky season than the Halloween Hottie herself, Megan Thee Stallion. The self-declared horror movie superfan kicked off the month of October with an Instagram post wearing a Jack-o’-lantern over her head, and now, she’s got a new horror movie to look forward to — Megan, the latest offering from Malignant‘s James Wan and Blumhouse. The trailer dropped today and Megan (Thee Stallion) couldn’t wait to see the latest creepy doll flick, even going so far as to dump all over the old favorite, Annabelle.

“Not being biased but I think they made this movie for me,” Meg wrote on Twitter, winking at her obvious connection to the new film. “I will be the THEE FIRST in line to see M3GAN !!!” She followed up a few minutes later with the coup de grace: “Annabelle bitch your OVER,” she joked. (Having rewatched Freddy Vs. Jason myself yesterday, I have a great idea — Blumhouse, hit me up.)

As for what Megan (thee movie) is about: Think something between the recent Child’s Play remake and Ex Machina, where a highly advanced android companion for a lonely child becomes both self-aware and extremely belligerent. The doll also shows off some wickedly charming dance moves in the trailer, likely contributing to Thee Stallion and other fans’ instant approval. January 13 can’t get here soon enough.

Check out the trailer above.