How Did The ‘Fast X’ Director Decide Who Dies?


Fast X opened this weekend, bringing moviegoers the penultimate entry in the main wing of a beloved franchise. How will it wrap up a series that began in a very different place than it is now? Will beloved characters tragically eat it? There’s only one film left, so maybe. Maybe even probably. In fact, the film’s director came up with a jokey way to decide who lives and who perishes.

In an interview with Collider, director Louis Leterrier — of Transporter 2 (with Fast X family member Jason Statham), The Incredible Hulk, the Clash of the Titans remake, and Now You See Me — talked about joining production at the last second. That meant he didn’t have much power to alter the script. But he did have access to future screenplays, which means he could choose everyone’s fate. But how did he do that?

“The actors had to write letters to beg me to keep their characters alive, and I deemed them worthy,” Leterrier joked. “No, spoiler-free obviously, but some were written in the script and then some– Let’s say that, you know, because I went deeper than this one movie, I saw further, and I was like, ‘Oh, I know what I want.’ And there’s some actions and hard, harsh decisions I had to make because I knew what was coming in the next movie.”

Sounds like someone or someones big does or do get shuffled off the fictional mortal coil. You’ll know when the as-yet-untitled final film bows in 2025.

(Via Collider)