Ice Spice Fan Jokingly Passes Out During Her Rolling Loud Set

Ice Spice performed at the 2023 Rolling Loud Miami festival and one fan has everyone thinking he passed out during her set.

An Ice Spice Fan Has Everyone Thinking He Passed Out During Her Rolling Loud Miami Set

Ice Spice delivered a fiery performance at the 2023 Rolling Loud Miami festival on Friday (July 21). The Bronx baddie’s set was so hot that one fan passed out. Well, not actually.

In a jokey video that was posted on Rolling Loud’s TikTok page, one fan had everyone thinking he passed out during Ice Spice‘s electrifying performance. While the 23-year-old rapper was performing “Princess Diana,” the young man was seen jokingly going into convulsing and then lying motionless on the ground. Luckily, medics were on hand and they quickly assisted him before two men carried his limp body away from the stage.

@rollingloud Watch ‘til the end ? (THIS IS A JOKE) #rollingloud #rollingloudmiami #icespice ♬ original sound – Rolling Loud

Again, the video is a joke. So far, the clip has garnered over 1.5 million views on the video-sharing platform.

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Has Ice Spice Ever Had to Stop Her Performance Because of an Unruly Crowd?

While Ice Spice‘s Rolling Loud Miami performance went off without a hitch, early in her career, the “Munch (Feelin’ U)” rapper had to stop her shows because the crowd got unruly.

Back in February, an alarming video was posted on social media of Ice Spice trying to keep an unruly crowd under control during her performance for a New York Fashion Week after-party event in Brooklyn, N.Y. She was performing “In Ha Mood” when things got out of hand and security had to step in and protect her.

As Spice was performing, the crowd rushed the stage and she appeared to have fallen onto other people. While security guards tried to control the crowd surge, Spice yelled, “Relax!” and stopped rapping. The DJ can also be heard on the microphone demanding people to step back from the stage.

Thankfully, the crowd calmed down but Ice Spice left the scene for her safety. She would later thank her fans on Twitter.

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Check out Ice Spice‘s Rolling Loud Miami performance below.

Watch Ice Spice’s Live Performance at 2023 Rolling Loud Miami Below

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