Ice Spice Has A New EP Coming And ‘It’s About To Be A Vibe’

A-listers have had Ice Spice’s name in their mouths after she broke through with her Drake-approved single “Munch (Feelin’ U)” and last month’s “Bikini Bottom.” Cardi B uploaded an unofficial “Munch” remix on Instagram. Lil Nas X dressed as Ice Spice for Halloween. NLE Choppa named a song after her, and Drake allegedly dissed her on Her Loss.

Ice Spice is about to give everyone more to talk about.

“I’m excited for this new music,” the Bronx breakout said on The RapCaviar Podcast. “I’m about to put out an EP. It’s about to be like six songs. ‘Bikini Bottom’ is on there, and then there’s some that people haven’t heard. It’s about to be a vibe. Visuals coming with it, too. Yeah, a bunch of content around it. It’s lit.”

Ice Spice appeared on the November 9 episode alongside Doechii and Rico Nasty, who wanted to hear all the “Munch” tea. Rico asked whether Ice Spice knew she had struck gold when she was recording the viral track.

“The crazy thing is, nah,” Ice said. “You know that’s how it goes, though. Like, when I recorded the song, I was in my room again, and I was just like, ‘How can I make a song real fast?’ Same thing, like you said, I didn’t wanna overthink. So it literally came out line by line. That’s why it sounds like that.” She added, “It’s not that I didn’t know it was a hit. It’s just like, I didn’t realize it would be so big. ‘Cause I feel like all the songs that I make is a hit, you know? This is like my first one that blows up. I feel like all my other songs was hits, but they didn’t blow up.”

Watch the RapCaviar clips below.