In The Woods

“Bossed up but I’m still bummy
Say you real, yeah, that’s real funny
You ain’t fam, can’t get shit from me
All 2020 finna go dummy”

Seiji Oda – Like This
(From the internet; 2020 + lofi // HYPHY album; 2022)

Finally one of Seiji Oda’s best songs has a video. One of his most important songs too since AERO, Like This and BLUE were the genesis of his golden hour gentle giggin’ sound. As for the video, it’s all about that green for them Boyz-n-the-Wood. A lotta these new NorCal rappers’ whole style is outdated, f*ck being hard, Seiji Oda is conservation-orientated.

Bonus beats: where’s the WAKE UP video at? Your favourite rapper would never have the vision to drop the top and ventilate their third eye with a visor bucket hat.

Seiji brought a whole different odour to Bay Area Rap, ya smell me? It’s some Yin & Ylang-Ylang cosmic harmony: burnin’ rubber holdin’ choppas whilst burnin’ Nag Champa realigning his seven chakras. Or sumfink lol.