It Sounds Like Amanda Bynes Just Dropped A New Trap-Heavy Rap Single Called ‘Fairfax’

If hip-hop is willing to welcome women like Bhad Bhabie into its ranks, well, why not Amanda Bynes? Arguably, Bynes has a better chance at succeeding in the genre anyway, given her actual background in entertainment, whereas the Bhabie was just the star of a viral clip. After recently filing to end her conservatorship, and succeeding in regaining control of her own life — likely due in large part to the scrutiny that the Britney Spears conservatorship case received — and apparently she’s ready to jump back into the public eye by making rap music.

Working alongside her fiancé, Paul Michael, today’s new song is actually the second collaboration is apparently the pair have shared in recent weeks. About a week ago a song called “Diamonds” was uploaded to the Amanda Bynes account on Youtube, but that song doesn’t feature Amanda’s vocals as prominently as this new song. Titled “Fairfax,” Bynes posted about the song on what looks to be her own Instagram account, though it hasn’t been verified yet.

While posting about “Fairfax” on the account, Amanda shared her frustration that Instagram had flagged previous posts for using the song. “Instagram blocked the last post of the song “Fairfax” because this account isn’t verified,” she wrote. “Because I own full rights to this song, maybe instagram won’t delete this post…”

If you’d like to hear the songs, check out “Diamonds” above and “Fairfax” at the top of this post. “Fairfax” credits Paul as “Paul Mitcheal” on Youtube, and notes the song was produced by Yung Yogi. Again, it might not be the greatest rapping that’s ever been done, but it’s nice to see Bynes getting back into the creative realm. If it is definitely Bynes, hopefully she can get the verification she deserves so fans know it’s really here.